Monday, April 4, 2016

Lytle Creek and Indian Run Creek to be the Subject of a Wright State Collaboration Thanks to the S. Fredrick Anliot Grant via Streamkeepers

This is great news for Lytle Creek and Indian Run Creek and everyone who cares about our local watershed!  
Dr. Audrey McGowin shown receiving the Streamkeepers' S. Fredrick Anliot Grant on March 25, 2016
A $3,849 grant will be used to analyze Lytle Creek and Indian Run Creek in an effort to explain a lack of biodiversity in the two Clinton County streams.
The S. Fredrick Anliot Grant was awarded to Dr. Audrey McGowin, a chemistry professor with Wright State University (WSU). The university contributed a $4,100 share to the project, making the two contributions total nearly $8,000.
Chemical screening analysis will be conducted to see which toxic chemicals might be present in the sediments of the two creeks, stated a news release from the Clinton Streamkeepers.  An assessment of invertebrates also will be done in various locations to correlate contaminants, the release added.
Taylor Stuckert, Lori Williams and Harry McVey will assist in collecting the sediment samples. The samples will be analyzed at the WSU chemistry lab.  Data will be collected from April 2016 to February 2017.  Some contaminants of interest include heavy metals, E. coli, jet fuels and additives, de-icing chemicals and others.
A public presentation of the study results will be put together and delivered around Earth Day 2017.
Local resident Carolyn Matthews hosted a March 25 reception in her home for Clinton Streamkeepers members and others. The occasion for the reception was the grant presentation to McGowin.
Lytle Creek arises from the drainage from the Wilmington Air Park, according to an online statement by the Lytle Creek League of Conservators, a member group of the Clinton County Green Alliance.
The creek flows westward past Wilmington College, through the city of Wilmington, along Sugar Grove Cemetery and westward to the stream’s junction with Todds Fork near Clarksville. Todds Fork, in turn, is a tributary of the Little Miami River, a designated State and National Scenic River.
Indian Run Creek runs parallel to Jenkins Road. The stream is between the air park’s southern runway and Jenkins Road.

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