Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Self-guided Audio Nature Tour Runs through Clinton County Seat

The Lytle Creek League of Conservators announced today the completion of a 20-station self-guided audio nature tour.  Ten station markers are now located along the Luther Warren Peace Path, with the remainder running along the 4-C Bicentennial Trail which then connects to the Lytle Creek Nature Preserve Trail.  Inspired by Conservator, John Deignan and City of Wilmington Parks and Recreation Director Lori Williams, the project is primarily geared towards individuals who have relatively little background in natural history.
A view of  one of the stations from the Luther Warren Peace Path.

 “I wanted to invite pedestrians to consider some simple environmental ideas while they walked” says Deignan.  “People connect to nature in so many different ways, so the approach to the content is quite diverse.  Some stations cover basic natural history, while others contain nature poems or speak to one particular feature or concept. The goal is merely to help people become more aware and appreciative of the mosaic of life all around them.”

Each numbered station is identified by the presence of either a birdhouse on a blue pole or a plaque.  
There are multiple ways to access the content.  Each station’s three to five-minute audio file has a QR code that can be accessed using smart-phone technology. Additionally, audio files are available on CD-DVD format, for those who wish to download the content to mp3 players.  Links to the files and tour maps can be found below.  The Parks Office will also have a few mp3 players that can be signed out.

The first leg of the tour begins at Nelson Avenue, across from the city wastewater plant and runs to Mulberry Street.  The second leg of the tour begins at South East Community Park, near Paris Avenue and continues along the bike path.  Look for a kiosk on the right where the route continues into the Nature Preserve.

The Lytle Creek League of Conservators is a Clinton County citizen group dedicated to conserving Lytle Creek for education and recreational purposes.  Public nature-based events as well as “No Child Left Indoors” programs are provided courtesy of this group.  For more information on joining the League of Conservators, please contact Lori Williams at the Park Office at (937) 382-4781.  


Annotated Map found here:

You can access the audio files directly here:  

Station Introduction:            http://goo.gl/VOVDDP

Station 1                              http://goo.gl/4qNskX

Station 2                              http://goo.gl/1lV0aj

Station 3                              http://goo.gl/u3zFoN

Station 4                              http://goo.gl/msnMGE

Station 5                              http://goo.gl/qpkqn2

Station 6                              http://goo.gl/f8Vtbg

Station 7                              http://goo.gl/UJEbeL

Station 8                              http://goo.gl/HPFcdA

Station 9                              http://goo.gl/XBUk0z

Station 10                            http://goo.gl/VzqjXq

Station 11                            http://goo.gl/7hO4n8

Station 12                            http://goo.gl/GGvv1s

Station 13                            http://goo.gl/IuvKok

Station 14                            http://goo.gl/tMk3Fz

Station 15                            http://goo.gl/SVGeko

Station 16                            http://goo.gl/VhtOqZ

Station 17                            http://goo.gl/HfyDyc

Station 18                            http://goo.gl/7cjbDw

Station 19                            http://goo.gl/5aeu86

Station 20                            http://goo.gl/JmnTJC