Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lytle Creek League of Conservators/No Child Left Indoors Sugar Maple Program

Hike the Sugarbush -- in search of the Sugar Maple!

The sap is running. Winter is maple syrup season in southern Ohio. Time for the sap master to reopen the sugar shack and get ready for another sugaring season. You can help tap the trees and gather the sap. It takes 40 gallons of sap to yield one gallon of syrup. See a demonstration and learn how the Native Americans taught the Pioneers to make sugar on Saturday, February 2, 2013.  The program is from 1-3 pm  at Anliot-Davidson Woods,  885 Pyle Road, one of our terrific Clinton County Parks. 

We will be learning how to identify sugar maple trees and why our native sugar maple trees are so special. We will drill holes, set sap buckets, collect sap and then drive from our sugarbush at Anliot-Davidson Woods to the Pioneer Village at Caesar Creek State Park. At Pioneer Village we will visit the sugar shack where the sap is turned into homemade syrup, yum! Test your palate with our blind taste tests.

A hands on program for the whole family. Come back the last weekend in February to visit Pioner Village for the Pancake Brunch, on Saturday and Sunday, February 23-24.  The pancake brunch will be held at the Bullskin Inn located at Pioneer Village from 11 am-2 pm. Taste the homemade maple syrup in the warmth of the Bullskin Inn beside a roaring fire. For more information call the Pioneer Village, 513-897-1120.   All proceeds from the brunch support the volunteer efforts at Pioneer Village!

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