Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lytle Creek League of Conservators/No Child Left Indoors Birding Event

The Lytle Creek League of Conservators/No Child Left Indoors volunteers, in their ongoing mission of reconnecting children to nature, are offering another opportunity to experience birds up close and personal.

Bob Thobaben, a federally licensed Master Bander (Federal Permit # 20789) invites children and a supervising adult to observe bird banding procedures at his farm at 1835 St.Rt. 380 in Adams Twp. on the morning of May 19, 2012. Wild birds will be observed up close and the children may help with the release of the birds after data has been collected on their bodies. Come join a unique experience outdoors from 8:00 AM till approximately 10:30 AM. Banding operations will be canceled if the wind is strong or rain is occurring.

Registration is required and limited, due to parking constraints. Register HERE or by calling Lori Williams at (937) 725-3811.

Bird banding is a highly regulated scientific activity regulated by both the Federal and State governments. Licenses for both levels of government are required for the ethical treatment of wild animals. The US Geological Survey along with the US Fish and Wildlife Service use bird banding to monitor avian populations throughout North America.

(Photo courtesy of Phil Fay)