Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Volunteers from Alkermes Help to Clean Up Trail

Many thanks to the 15 employees from Alkermes who helped tackle the invasive Honeysuckle problem on the Luther Warren Bike Path off of S. Mulberry Street this morning.

Using chain saws and hand pruners, the conscientious volunteers assisted the Parks Department and worked diligently for several hours to thin out a small - but lovely - section along the much used trail.

Two of the challenges that the group faced were the the poison ivy vines and the steep slope of mud near the creek, which was extremely slippery due to the vast amounts of rain we have experienced.

The group hopes that by removing the Honeysuckle before the berries form, the birds will not be able to disperse the undesireable seeds.

The City of Wilmington is very fortunate to have so many volunteers from companies such as Alkermes, to take the time to share an interest in helping to beautify our parks and trails!