Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green Alliance Candidates Surveys

The Clinton County Green Alliance recently sent out a survey to all local candidates in the upcoming election.
We will be posting the surveys as they come in. To view a candidates response, please click on his name. (If the name is not able to be clicked it means that the candidate has yet to turn in his survey response).

Candidates who received the survey are:

Mayor – David Raizk (D), Randy Riley (R)
President of Council – Fred Ertel (R), Scott Kirchner (R)
Council Member at Large – Mark McKay (R), Sandy Mongold (R), Bob Mead (R), Brian Siebenaller (R), Linda Gallagher (D)
Council Member for 1st Ward – Mike Wallace (R)
Council Member for 2nd Ward – Loren Stuckert (R)
Council Member for 3rd Ward – Don Wells (R)
Council Member for 4th Ward – Rob Jaehnig (R)