Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lytle Creek Day Events Schedule Released

Lytle Creek Day Schedule of Events, Saturday, 3 Oct

All events meet at the Lytle Creek Greenway Pavilion, unless otherwise specified.

The Pavilion is located on Davids Drive.  Click here for an interactive map.

7:30 am  Beginners bird walk.  Meet at YMCA parking lot.  Bring binoculars.  About 1 1/2 miles of level walking.  Most enjoyable for human beings 10 and over.

10:00 am Nature Hike to Pavilion Begins at YMCA- Bob Powell.  Will arrive at the Trailhead Pavilion in time for program

10:15am Restoring Native Wildflowers.  Inspection of LCLC project to eradicate invasive species and bring back native wildflowers- Lori Williams.  Meet at Trailhead Pavilion

11:00AM Call to seating and convocation- Roy Joe Stuckey, Lori Williams

“Private Partners –Conservation Easements and their role in creating a Greenway”---
                           Laura Curliss, Clinton County Open Lands Inc.

“Creek tests at Sugar Grove Cemetery”-Don Spurling and Mike Grant- StreamKeepers

“Wild life viewing and wetlands”- Bob Powell

“Plans for the County Forest and Prairie”- Bob Thobaben, County Park Board

“Agenda for the Clinton County Trails Coalition”- Don Troike for Bruce Saunders, President

 “Shared vision and a shared website, The Green Alliance”- Chris Schock, Planner

 “WC Vista Service Learning on the Greenway”- Allyssa Benson, Coordinator, Vista

12:00 “We Honor Dr. S. Fred Anliot”—Don Troike, WC Professor of Biology, and Dan DiBiasio, President, Wilmington College

12:15 Complimentary Lunch from Lytle Creek League of Conservators-
                   Maria Butcher, Event Chairman, assisted by Ruth E. Stuckey

Please reserve for lunch by calling 937 728 9886, by October 1.
                Donation placed in jar on registration table will be optional