Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clinton Streamkeepers

"To preserve, protect and improve water quality in Clinton County, Ohio"

Clinton StreamKeepers is an affiliate organization of the Clinton County Environmental Preservation Association (CCEPA). CCEPA is a grassroots organization that began in February 1997 with a meeting at the Beam Farm near Sabina, Ohio. The meeting stemmed out of concern for the potential loss of valuable farmland and ground water due to several aggregate mining companies wanting to locate to the area. The proposed sites would threaten a major underground aquifer and some of the best farmland in the United States.

We contacted local newspapers, television and radio stations, local and states elected officials and held news conferences-we wanted everyone to know of our concerns. In searching for support, we contacted the nationally recognized RiverKeeper association and discovered how to become an affiliate. The RiverKeeper Association strongly suggested a “new” organization would be best and that we, of course, needed a water based concern for our cause.  Anderson Fork, a small stream in the Wilson Township area, was the stream in jeopardy if the aggregates were to mine the areas proposed-and so it became our focus. We were the eventually accepted and were the first and ONLY RiverKeeper affiliate that is not connected with a major navigable body of water.

We have established two water-monitoring sites on streams in Clinton County and continue to hold year round stream walks. Our water quality monitoring is led by current Board members and local experts: Fred Anliot of Wilmington College, Jim O’Boyle from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and Mike Grant, Teacher at Blanchester.

Be Part Of A Solution

We can’t make more, it’s a limited resource. We have been recycling this resource since the planet relies on this for survival. Of course, it’s WATER. Something this valuable and this essential to life ought to be cherished and preserved for future generations.

The Clinton StreamKeepers and CCEPA are working to insure that our water resources are doing just that by:

  • Stream walks
  • Coordinating efforts with other environmental groups
  • Attending seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. on water quality and conservation
  • Letting people know what we’re doing-being available, right here in Clinton County to investigate issues and educate (regular meetings, programs in elementary schools, working with faculty and students at Wilmington College and working with state and local government agencies)
  • Planting trees
  • Encouraging farmland preservation
  • Encouraging preservation of historic structures
  • Continuing to expand educational programs

Won’t you join us? Become a member, learn, meet some great, caring people and grow with us for a healthy, quality future for Clinton County and beyond!