Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wilmington City Parks

Wilmington City Parks and Recreation Department

The parks and recreation department offers a variety of activities for the whole family. From picnicking to trails, from soccer to baseball, we can offer it all.
Most of the capital improvements we are able to do each year are funded by donations from people, businesses and service organizations. If it weren't for this generosity, we would only be able to do a portion of the improvements each year.

We own and operate seven parks throughout the City. Each park has it's own unique contribution of enjoyment to each patron who visits the park. Galvin, South East, and The Point are all neighborhood parks, whereas our three main parks, J.W. Denver Williams Park, David R. Williams Park, and Lytle Creek Nature Preserve are where all the programs we offer take place. Lytle Creek Nature Preserve will offer hiking and other nature-related activities.

J.W. Denver Williams Memorial Park

David R. Williams Park

Galvin Park

Southeast Park

Point Park

Park Rules and Regulations